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NVSF is dedicated to helping serve veterans and their families. 

At NVSF, we spend every day providing different types of assistance for veterans and their families on a case-by-case basis.  

 - we have purchased wheelchairs, scooters, ramps and other assistive technology; 

 - we have paid utility bills and deposits for veterans and their families in danger of homelessness; 

 - we have provided gift cards for family support; 

 - we've bought snow tires, dentures, and provided temporary housing for veterans in dire straits; 

- we've directed veterans to service officers to help them navigate the VA system and obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

  - we've even paid a veterinary bill for a veteran’s companion animal!  

This is a sample of what we have done, and continue to do on a case-by-case basis for veterans and their families.

In 2012, we sent out a survey to the veterans and families we assisted over the last 6 years.    Click here to visit the “What We Do” section to see a sample of the responses we got.

Feel free to send us any suggestions you have that can make this site a better experience for everyone. We welcome any questions or comments you may have.

And check back frequently as we continue to make changes.

Thank you for your interest in NVSF.  

We are a 501(c)(3) organization,

(tax ID#13-3102064).  

NVSF receives no government funds or corporate support.

PayPal must charge us a transaction fee of 2.9% plus $.30 on each donation.  Aside from that, every dollar you donate is being placed in a special account to be used for providing direct assistance to the veterans and their families--assistance that the VA cannot, does not, or will not provide.

We outsource our fundraising to professional fundraisers.  Here’s the sad reality—they get around 65-70% of every dollar.  Much has been said in the media about charities and the use of professional fundraisers.  We understand that it may make you uncomfortable to donate to a charity through a professional fundraiser.  And that is why we use PayPal here on our website, so you can make a secure contribution using your credit card.